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Renal Diet Delivery's founders, Greg and Michelle, have been listening to their customers as usual. They heard you say that you need easy renal meals delivered. They heard that you are tired of bland food and need delicious renal meals. You are ready to get imaginative with the renal diet.

So they got together with nutritionists and chefs and created the new renal diet meal packages. You will love these delicious renal meals, they are created with love and culinary imagination. Renal diet meals delivered like Beef Stew, Carrots & Mashed Potatoes, Cheese Ravioli with Meat Sauce, Chicken Marsala With Rice, Stuffed Peppers, Cod with Miso Ginger, and Shrimp & Vegetable Linguine.
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The meals come in 7 meal packs. They are delivered frozen to your door. They are designed to provide approximately 1/3 of the daily requirement based on a standard 2000 calorie per day diet while minimizing the sodium, phosphorus and potassium. We also ensure that the protein size is minimized for the renal diet.

Try the packs, buy the meals individually, start a renal diet meal program; the possibilities are many.

Buy two 7-meal packs and get $10 off!

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Easy Renal Meals Delivered

If you have been diagnosed with CKD, you are likely extremely concerned with your diet right now. The doctors and nutritionists will have told you to eat less protein, eat only high-quality protein like lean meats, beans, soy and eggs. They will tell you to limit sodium, eat vegetables and healthy fats.

Although you will get a lot of good advice and help from the experts, you may find the renal diet difficult to follow every day. It is a great idea to stock up on frozen renal diet meals. They fit in with your diet, and are convenient and easy to reheat. Just take a renal meal out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave.

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Your renal diet delivery can be at your choice of dates and times. Take delivery once every two weeks, or just once in a while. There's no obligation and no contracts on our Renal Diet Delivery.

Call our parent site, to talk about your renal meal delivery today. It's toll-free at 877-516-2442.

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Delicious Renal Meals

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